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Flyfishing for Trout & Salmon

About Smith Guide Service 

How I Got Started

I've been fishing since I could cast a bobber with a worm Summers in the Adirondacks with my Grandfather Joseph (Joe) Smith.  Right after college in Burlington VT, I bought my first Flyrod and learned how not to spook trout and to cast well enough to not get snagged up on the small waters around the Champlain Valley, When I moved back to Maine in the 80's I began fishing Atlantic Salmon with a 9 wt. rod I built and flies I tied (the glue on each was still tacky!)  When the Atlantic Salmon Fishing was ended with the implementation of the Endangered Species Act in 1988, my Dad (Bob Smith) encouraged me to fish the Moosehead area. Well that door opened up a whole new world and it has been one special adventure and a story to tell, after another since...


  So, with over 30 years of fishing Western Maine and the greater Moosehead Region, I will put you on fish in some of the best Trout and Salmon water in Maine and on my favorite spots!


I can’t wait to hear from you.

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